Hawaii really is like no other place on earth! Active volcanoes, miles of white sands, stunning scenery, that unique Aloha spirit… Not to mention the hospitality of the Hawaiian people, which provides a wonderful complement to the Islands' perfect temperatures.

No matter which of the six major islands you are lucky enough to be visiting, breathtaking natural beauty, fresh air and warm, tranquil waters surround you. Each island has its own distinct personality, offering its very own adventures, activities and places of interest. The dramatic cliffs on Kauai, the vibrant shores of Waikiki Beach on Oahu, and the miles of white sands on Molokai are but a few of the highlights.

Beyond the deep blue ocean, emerald valleys and golden sands, the Islands of Aloha showcase countless, one-of-a-kind experiences that truly set them apart from the rest of the world. Enjoy a wide range of activities - from romantic breaks to family fun, from whale watching to walking on a volcano, from exploring hidden beaches and small towns to discovering the natural treasures in the crystal waters the deep blue sea.

And that’s not to forget that Hawaii is the birthplace of surfing. Why not hit the waves and take a lesson in this ‘sport of kings’! Or go snorkeling or kayaking and earn your Hawaii suntan on one of the many sun-kissed beaches.

For golfers, welcome to heaven! Blessed with breathtaking scenery, unforgettable signature holes and championship courses, it's no wonder why Hawaii attracts so many golfing enthusiasts from around the world.

And of course, no visit to Hawaii would be complete without a visit to an authentic luau. The hula is a uniquely Hawaiian dance accompanied by chanting that preserves the old stories, traditions and culture of the islands. So sit back, relax, and absorb the culture!